Plant Information

What We Grow

Herd Farms specializes in one and two year bare root, bed grown plants. We also offer the occasional availability of field grown transplant liners, which can be found in our catalog. We currently use nearly 200 beds and propagate more than 700,000 plants per year.


If you would like to see what we currently have available, please check out our Availability page.

Our Production

Our production method is unique to our area with our liners being grown in natural soil. This creates a hardy, outdoor grown plant with a vigorous root system that will be able to stand up to harsh conditions. Our plants are machine dug, which reduces plant damage, graded in a humidity controlled packing shed, boxed, and then placed in a cooler at 35 degrees until you are ready for shipment.


Transplanted field grown liners in Belvidere, TN
A view of the liner beds at Herd Farms in Belvidere

Handling Bare Root Liners

Herd Farms Nursery exercises the greatest of care in handling bare root plants, and we encourage you to follow these simple steps when you receive your stock.

1) When your boxes arrive, please protect them from heat and freezing weather.

2) It is best to keep your plants in a cooler until planting; however, if this is not possible, keep them in the box in a cool, moist place until planting. They should not be kept like this more than 2 days.

3) Never allow plant roots to dry out when planting.


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